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What is Webolytics?

Webolytics is an open API platform designed to track return on advertising spend for discerning performance marketers.

Deep campaign performance insights empower marketing practitioners to make data-driven campaign optimisation decisions and the ability to manage all media channels and data sources under one roof.

Whether you want to control your customer acquisition costs or explore opportunities to grow your business through strategic partnerships, the platform offers lots of flexibility. A single view of the entire customer journey helps marketers understand the true intrinsic value of every customer.

Native Integrations

Webolytics is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current infrastructure. We directly integrate with companies like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Zapier, and Stripe, plus many specialist apps and platforms for FinTech and EdTech.

Real-time Data

Webolytics provides real-time data to give you instant answers. Qualified leads and accurate customer data drive growth and retention. Webolytics gives you instant advertising insights to help you make informed marketing decisions on the fly.

Webolytics Dashboard
Webolytics Dashboard
Webolytics Infographics

Why should you use Webolytics?


Our Webolytics Platform will perform pre-submission validation checks on the lead

  • IP Verification
  • Clickthrough Verification
  • Email/Phone Verification & Validaiton
  • Address Verification
  • De-duplication checks


We send the lead into your CRM.

If you don not have a CRM, then we will provide you with a free lead management dashboard.


Your sales team follows up and engages with the validated lead.

Webolytics will dynamically pick up this data and attribute it against the lead.


We capture all lead feedback in real-time.

Conversion events are also tracked and logged, as well as any ROI associated with a conversion. This enables us to determin the Return on Ad-spend (ROAS).


When a lead is qualified in the CRM, this is sent to us and assigned against the lead.


Once a lead is deemed as billable, then this becomes visible in our Webolytics Platform.

Any ROAS is attributed once a lead is deemed to be billable.

Key Benefits

  • Track clickthroughs prior to any conversions
  • Set pre-conversion fraud settings based upon the vendor or channel
  • Set variable CPL rates by vendor, country or statusManage lead limits
  • Set variable CPA or Revenue Share rates by vendor, country or status
  • Manage sales limits
  • Automate lead QA and processing for multiple languages
  • Analyse performance by campaign, vendor, form or channel
  • Dynamic Smart Forms
  • De-duplication checks
  • Country Whitelists
  • Fraud Detection
  • Email Validation
  • Phone Validation
  • API Integration directly into your CRM. You can connect to any end-point
  • Multi-Currency conversions (up to 150 currencies)
  • Dynamic Invoicing
  • Headless CMS for dynamic landing page creation
  • Multi-site management
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